Sexy Meat and a Birds Nest

Some of you recall from Facebook that one of the citizens of Baker City was deeply in need of the lid of a Weber grill, so they took ours:

That’s what we woke up to the other morning. Grill. Cover on the ground. No lid. Whoever swiped the lid also took a moment to throw B.T.’s cute little plastic motorcycle into our trash can. Way to keep it classy, Baker City!

I checked online to see if I could just buy a replacement lid, but it appears the people who live in classier towns are ruining it for the rest of us and there is zero demand for lids-only in the barbeque world. Both Ryan and I are annoyed that we probably have to buy another grill. And I purposely describe out state of mind as annoyed instead of upset or angry for a few important reasons:

1. We live in Trashy Town. We know we live in Trashy Town.

2. We live in an alley in Trashy Town. We have a lot of weeds so our house looks kind-of trashy. This creates a multi-layered trashy situation.

3. We sometimes leave our belongings outside to frolic among the weeds.

4. We often see shady looking individuals walking up and down our street and alley.

All these factors – shady people + weeds + stuff outside, and probably + marijuana – basically creates an equation that will almost always equal something getting stolen from our yard.

But Sunday, we had the last laugh. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the sexiest way to cook your meat…

TOPLESS GRILLING!! That’s right! Ryan totally cooked us up some burgers without the top on. Ooooo! Did I just feel a wave of sex-heat all up in here? No? Okay, it was probably just the heat coming off the grill. Because there’s no lid to block me from it? Okay? Everyone in the same car of the hilarious joke train?

Those bags of charcoal are scattered about for further trashy effect (as is the empty bottle of lighter fluid nestled amongst the weeds). If we don’t turn them upright by sundown, we’ll probably be missing a wheel off the grill when we wake up. Then things are gonna get reeeeeeal sexy. Like, I’ll probably have to spell it “sexxxy.”

And so, fortified by scandalously-grilled meats, we began our week. Today B.T. started something called “Wee Grow” through the YMCA. This is essentially a 2 days a week, for 6 weeks, program where 2-4 year olds spend 45 minutes socializing and/or doing things with art or or riding their bikes or throwing huge fits when they have to wait their turn to use the sink. I’m pretty excited about it because it gives B.T. a chance to hang out with kids his age in a structured environment, and it was reasonably priced. Almost as reasonably priced as my b-b-q lid! Someone give me some Funny Drums!

So today the theme was “explore” and the kiddos got to make bird’s nests. This was accomplished by painting a paper plate blue, then filling it with various things from nature we had collected out in the parking lot (that was the explore part). I have a question: do parking lots, or do parking lots not, have the best nature? Answer: yes. Yes, they do. So obviously with all the paint, the parking lot nature, and the felt birds these nests were looking pretty incredible. And B.T. had a great time, so score.

He’s so proud of himself, he actually willingly posed for a photo. He also seemed very aware of the fact that the nest was built on a plate. When I told him how great his nest looked, he agreed then said, “It not food.” Which I of course agreed with, since we do not eat sticks, felt, or googly eyes in this household. If we did, though, I’d totally grill them the new sexy way.

And don’t mind the bendy yellow paper on the wall in the background there. I created a configuration on the wall to arrange my frames. A part of the weekend almost as awesome as the sexy grilling. I said almost! No one’s getting carried away here.

Thanks for joining me as I recapped the last couple of days. Was it exciting? Sort-of. Was it sexy? Sometimes. Did it leave us wanting more? Oh, yes. I want the damn lid for my b-b-q back.