Delusional Living, by Cor (and a few pregnant belly shots)

When I was about 19, I bought a really, really good CD called Ultimate Dance Party 1997. Tonight I was thinking about the fact that at some point, I actually made a conscious decision to purchase this item. It sort-of scared me because if I can buy Ultimate Dance Party 1997, then spend like a year blasting it while driving around the SCV and eating a Filet O’ Fish, what other questionable decisions am I capable of making in total ignorance?

Speaking of questionable decisions, I am just finished my second week of Operation Go To School Full Time. And since I assume you’re a concerned citizen of this blog who also values education, you deserve to know how it’s going so far. Then after that, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see a few shots of me and my pregnant-ness from our yearly family photo shoot.

Although I’ve been going to school part time for 4ish years now, I chose to make the switch to full-time because big girl school is really expensive and a lot more scholarships are available to full-time students. So going to school part-time actually turns out to be more expensive than going full-time.  This is one of the great enigmas of higher education, along with the fact that OSU thinks I’m smart enough to get into their college, but I still must be reminded daily to refrain from giving strangers my email password.

So. I am a full-time student. I am also the mother B.T. and Baby Ham, I’m growing a baby, I’m working, and I’m being a supportive wife as my husband works and takes his classes. Tack on a little late night Hulu and a bag of peanut M&Ms and that’s pretty much  my entire life condensed into two sentences.

I’m totally not telling you this so you can be like, “See how amazing I am!!” because it’s a lot more like, “See how delusional I am!!” The last 2 weeks have been like I gained 200 pounds but I’m still trying to squeeze into a size 2 string bikini. The triangle top is barely covering my nipples and my crack is definitely showing.

All that extra airflow is making me reeeeaaaal edgy. My brain is always moving very, very quickly and the majority of my thoughts sound like military barking: “CORINNE! Is baking monster cookies the most productive thing you could be doing right now? Is it? IS IT??!! ANSWER ME, SOLDIER!!!”

monster cookies: always the right choice.

monster cookies: always the correct decision.

I had to take a quick (and in no way comprehensive) stress test for one of my classes this week, and I scored “stress level way above average.” Really! This stranger is asking me for my email password…what should I do??

I basically plan to handle my new life as a crazy person by living a cliche: taking things one damn day at a time. Every day I repeat to myself that I can only do what I can do, and this little mantra actually helps. So if get all my assignments done, and write a paper about early Japanese poetry and my husband gets time to read about emergency medical technician-ing people, I’m going to count that as a successful week – even if I had to skim the last 20 pages of a reading assignment or parts of my paper maybe didn’t make all the sense.

I plan to keep approaching each week with the understanding that I always find a way to get the important things done. And if I don’t, maybe it wasn’t that important, and I’ll figure out something else that works just as well.

I am learning to manage my time in a different way, and the adjustment is tough, but it is not impossible. And when it’s over, I am probably going to petition OSU to add “bad ass human being” to my degree. Because while I don’t expect employers to be clamoring to hire me when they see “Bachelor’s of Human Development and Family Sciences” on my resume, if they see “Bachelors of Being a Bad Ass Human Being,” I’m probably getting to have to up my cell phone minutes just to handle the tsunami of job offers.

Now hows about those pregnant lady pictures?


It’s just you and I, baby. Waaaay out here with the hay bales.


My hair started out as a gloriously high and puffy bun. Thirty minutes after my hair appointment, my crazy superman hair defiantly snapped the rubber band that held it together. So I ended rocking a sort-of deflated blob look.

Thanks to Joyclynn, our amazing photographer. The rest of the pics will surface sometime after the holidays!