I’ll Probably Go Rob a Bank Now

This post has very little actual purpose. No, that’s not what I mean because if I really think about it, this post has a very strong sense of purpose.


I found this the other day on the Engrish.com blog (actually called a “brog”). In a stroke of genius, someone made a GIF of a bootlegged DVD that had been dubbed, then subtitled back into what may or may not qualify as English.



If I ever give in to my urges to living life of crime I’m going to wield a Glock 19 but instead of actually pulling the trigger I’m just going to point it at people and yell, “Go go the weapon go!” It will be confusingly intimidating.



2 thoughts on “I’ll Probably Go Rob a Bank Now

  1. Whats with all the “Melons”? I wonder what Chinese (or whatever) people are thinking as they watch these shows…the questionable translations must make it difficult to follow the plot, and they must think that we have lame stories!
    In closing, “I worn you that it is hard”

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