The Most Demanding Board Book EVER

Baby Ham is turning 1 very soon!  One of his presents is this “sweet” little board book I found on It’s a touch-and-feel book, which is totally Baby Ham’s jam right now.

Because I didn’t see it in a store, I judged it’s fitness for our collection o’ books by the limited preview on the website. It didn’t strike me as particularly aggressive.

(Oh, and if you’re not familiar with the board book scene, touch-and-feel books have little sections on each page with different textures for babies to feel up. They’re much less creepy than they sound. Feeling = learning.)

When the book arrived the other day, I flipped through it and was pleased. It’s cute and it rhymes, which means I can read it in a sing-songy voice to my little Hammers, which will be wildly soothing.

He is, isn’t he? Good for you, pig! You’re going to be some exceptionally delicious bacon someday.

Like paper, right? But most wheels aren’t made of paper. Isn’t learning fun?!

See? It’s cute and simple. And little Baby Ham is totally going to feel this book and learn things about the textures of the world.

The last page, though…that’s where things start to get ugly.


Touch this cow right now, Baby Ham.

Wait, no, stop drinking your milk. Touch this cow instead.


I hope it doesn’t hurt his feelings when I read it to him.


7 thoughts on “The Most Demanding Board Book EVER

  1. I still think it’s a very clever book, mostly because his Grandma Suzy sent it to him for his birthday. Well actually, it was on the book list you sent me, so it’s your fault. Haaaaaaaaaaa. It’s a great book because it not only entertains, but teaches him that sometimes one should listen and obey even when it makes no sense. It’s cute, simple, and a little edgy. Baby Liam will love it.

  2. I think this book is masterfully planned! It starts off as just informative (The pig is a fatty) and Baby is relaxed…..then it starts asking questions which makes Baby Ham realize “Oh shoot, I had better start paying attention or I’m gonna look kinda lame when I don’t know the answers or how this paper wheel feels”……and then it sends the baby off into the real world by giving no information and asking no questions! The world demands results and it demands it now! There are plenty more cows that need touching after that one! Get started.

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