Livin’ Tha C-Life

I am hungry like the wolf to blog, but if I do a long post that requires research (even if “research” actually means “watch the same Nicki Minaj video 27 times”) my head might explode. And also, if you were wondering if Nicki Minaj videos are less funny after 27 times the answer is H NO and NOT POSSIBLE.

I’m also trying to get away from the idea that all my posts have to be epic and get hip to write some shorter ones that offer just a little taste of tha C-life. That’s what I call my life sometimes when my domestic chores get me down.  For example:

“Corinne, it is unbelievable that you still have to two more loads of laundry to fold.”

“Yeah, okay, but you know what?  It’s totally fine! You’re not even mad about it ’cause you’re  livin’ tha C-life.”

See? It totally works.

So here’s a quick list of what I’ve been doing/discovering/awkwardly embracing lately. The list is kind-of all over the place, but tha C-Life likes it’s variety.

…cause sometimes tha C-Life is so bright I gotta wear shades.


  • Someone un-friended (de-friended?) me on Facebook this week. Person-who-shall-remain-nameless (not her real name) got offended by one of my snarky, how-dumb-is-this-small-town posts and straight up deleted me. Oops. At least I apologized this time. Last time something like this happened, my brain was awash in angry pregnancy hormones and I deleted her. Even though it was my fault first. So my point is, I became about 3% more mature this week. Someone give me a cookie.
  • Family psychological problems: my 3 year old son consistently displays a lack of ability to accept that I do not have male genitalia. Yesterday, for example, he told me I had five penises. Since I actually have zero penises, I can’t tell if having five would be awesome or terrible. Any penis authorities out there can feel free to enlighten me.
  • I heard  Ellie Goulding for the first time, leading me to finally form the question that’s been inside me for decades: why don’t I own more sheer shirts with sparkly hearts on the boobies?

  • And… I finally applied to the University of Oregon at Corvallis, but haven’t heard anything yet. I am trying not to obsessively check my application three times a day, but…it’s tough. Mama wants to get a degree real bad. Maybe I should have attached a picture of me in a sheer shirt with sparkly hearts on the boobies to my application. Nothing says “I’m serious about my education” like sparkly heart boobies. Am I right or am I right?

Anyone else been doing/discovering/awkwardly embracing things lately? Sometimes I feel like awkwardly embracing the teenage girls who make my iced coffees. But I don’t. At least…not physically.


6 thoughts on “Livin’ Tha C-Life

  1. Ohmygoodness Corinne, your blog posts bring such joy to my heart. They always result in story time with my husband as I read them out loud to him. The application part cracked me up because I just checked my application status for the second time today. Oh man. I’ll refrain from checking a third time. If you have the willpower, then I can too 🙂 We miss you all!

    • Thank you, Lyssa, that’s so nice! We miss you, too. It would be amazing to go get some beers with your guys. And I haven’t even checked on my application once today! Guess I’d better go do that…

  2. Girl! Last Friday, Jeff and I taught ourselves to knit! It’s pretty awesome. I am also pretty busy exploring how to not spend 1 million dollars on my wedding, but still make Jeff’s mom happy. Let me just tell you, that’s about all the fun I can handle!

    • I tried to learn to knit when we lived in Paso! It didn’t stick, though, and I still want to learn. Not spending a million bones on your wedding while trying to make your future MIL happy is no easy task – I do not envy you! The only way I can make my MIL happy it to morph into a totally different lady. Ha! Not gonna happen!

  3. Good blog. I have never been deleted, but I have deleted. But, if someone went ahead and deleted me, I would tell them if they don’t want me to be their friend, then I don’t want to be their friend either, because I feel that’s the mature way to handle the situation. I think all the insulting and funny comments about small town life would make it even more endearing. And, being a woman and your mom, I probably shouldn’t comment on the penis situation, but like Elaine said to George” I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things”, and I think that’s a really good point. Speaking of guys, your brother Carl is also Livin Tha C-Life, but in his own special way.

  4. -That singer girls outfit is dumb. Heart boobies and cross shorts look very amateur to me. I mean, I had those when I was in like Junior High.
    -I think I really like the Black Keys! I have a “White Stripes” Pandora station that I listen to and the Black Keys are often played on it. Maybe I will purchase some.
    -I hope you get into the UofO. That would be really cool.
    -My new things recently were that I have been a stay at home dad for 2.5 months while Candice has been doing her student teaching. I have just been working weekends and doing all the house duties during the week. It was actually pretty amazing for me as a person and for our marriage. It was super enlightening to kinda swap roles for a while! Now I’m the one saying “uh, is that where that goes?” and other things like that.
    Catch ya later!

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