Summer Plans

Last Tuesday marked the conclusion of another term of school and I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Which is why I just screamed at you, internet-style.

I’d like to speak to you about something equally as exciting: summer! Sometimes I say it like:  “summah.” This is how you know that, grammatically speaking, I’ve let my proverbial hair down. My grammar hair.

So last summah I was knocked up, which sometimes put a damper on things, like walking longer than 4 minutes or picking up stuff off the floor. This summer I am going to pick up so many things from off the floor, it’s going to be ca-razay.

“this extra 40 pounds makes me want to cuddle, outdoors!”

And when I’m through with that, I intend to spend as many moments as possible outside of Baker City.  First on our agenda will be riding the Sumpter train. This is arguably a bit of a hick thing to do, but little B.T. loves him some trains. He even corrects us if we make the train sound and it’s not up to his standards.

Me: “Whoo-hooo!”

B.T.: “NO! Not like that. Like this: whoo-hooo! Like that.”

So, for  B.T.’s sake, we’re willing to be a little hick. Here’s what the train looks like:

from the middle of nowhere to further into the middle of nowhere, in only 45 minutes!

See? It’s pretty cool. Especially if you’re 2. And you wouldn’t believe all the awesome rocks we’ll get to look at while riding this train.

Our next big adventure will be the Boise Zoo. We went there last year with my Mom and really liked it: not too big, lots of shade, and afterwards we went to Starbucks. So it was a good time. B.T. was still a bit little (1 ½) to be really interested in all the animals. Here he is displaying awe at the tiger exhibit – but not at the tiger.

what an exotic piece of equipment! i’m glad we came all the way to boise to see it!

That’s B.T. admiring some dude’s camera. No love for the tiger at all.

As for baby Ham, he didn’t get to see anything because he was in my uterus, spending his days eating all my food so I could be constantly hungry and he could be born huge. So this year, we get to push Ham around in the stroller and let him see giraffes. And now that B.T. is 2 ½ and speaks in full, often adorable, sentences, we are excited to hear what he has to say about the animals.

His hands are all like, “What am I doing on this tiger?”

Our next out of town excursion will be to a water park just outside of Boise. This trip feels the most epic to me. Possibly because I had to purchase one of those bathing suits that suck you in so fewer people notice the sexy extras we ladies get as a bonus of procreation.

The website for the water park makes it look like everyone is having a really, really nice time. No one looks even slightly nauseated that they have to deal with seeing a bunch of  gross people walking around in what often amounts to less than underpants. I plan to deal with the sight of unsightly dudes in speedos by flaunting my cellulite and eating ice cream all day. I will also be making sure that the very white children of my very white husband don’t burn to a crisp. In between the flaunting, the ice cream, and assaulting my family with sunblock, I think it’s going to be a very good day.

So there you have it. A brief run-dizzle of what the Allens will be up to over the summah. I just re-read that sentence and it kind-of hurt inside.


3 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. Oh, the joys of summer. i wish I was there to celebrate with all of you. The train ride looks so fun, and a ride like that is just my speed. I’m not a fan for any kind of rides, so just chugging around Baker City would suit me fine. I hope they have someone who can point out all the exciting and historical sights along the way. Like the bank that used to be some kind of brothel, and one of the many “art” shops that have things like freaky life like looking dolls displayed in the windows. And, I loved that zoo. I would REALLY LOVE to see Brayton getting excited over the animals. He’s going to have alot more cute stuff to say after that trip.Have fun at the water park, and take some pics. I remember Hurricane Harbor, and just floating down the Lazy River all day. That was pretty much all I did there. Love You, ❤

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