This One’s for All the L’Adies

This one’s actually for both the L’Adies and any other grammar nerds out there.

I like going to the gym. No really, I do. I get 30-45 minutes without kids where I put on headphones and I don’t have to think about who’s going to need to be fed and when or how much laundry I have to fold. As an added bonus, exercise is supposedly good for you.

My gym choices here in Baker City are the YMCA or another gym with lots of old machines, including one of those things you stand on with the vibrating belt. Oh and also, this gym has lots of animal heads on the walls. The YMCA has no dead animals on display that I’m aware of, so I go there.

A random tidbit about the gym before we start chomping on the ground beef of this post: the childcare at the YMCA gym is called “Childwatch.” I find this creepy. They should’ve stuck with something bland like “daycare” so people would feel like someone would be caring for their children. You know, during the day. “Childwatch” sounds to me like the staff won’t so much be caring for the children as  trying very hard to prevent the occurrence of a crime.

Now back to the beef. Most days, working out is appropriately uneventful. But there’s this door in the basement, where I do my stretches….


Okay, first of all, I realize the quality of this photo is terrible. The lights weren’t on in this part of the room, and I didn’t want to flip a switch because there was a mentally ill dude working out down there, and sometimes startling mentally ill people ends badly. So no light. Second…

WHAT IS THIS? If you’re thinking bathroom, I was with you 100%. That’s what I thought, too. But nope, it’s not a bathroom. To be honest, knowing there’s no toilet I can use behind the door, I really don’t care what’s actually there. I just want someone to fix that terrible apostrophe.

Anyone have any ideas of what happened here? Did someone mistake “ladies” for French? Or did this person just get really, really grammatically out of control? Not that I blame him.  I’ve been known to get pretty grammatically out of control myself from time to time. Especially if I get crazy and go for an entire bottle of beer instead of my usual half. At that point, anything can happen, you know? Like – I could use the wrong “there/their/they’re.” Whoa! I can’t believe I just typed that! See?  That’s why I gotta stay conservative with my likker.

Thankfully, there is some visual relief (along with some sweet inspiration) about 10 feet away from the L’ADIES door:

go, l’adies, go!

This kind-of sums up why I tolerate the L’ADIES door a couple of times a week in the first place: so I when I’m seventy I will still look good in my spandex leotard, sweatband, and slouchy socks. And I will feel good about myself.

Anyone have any theories about the L’ADIES door? Or something that really bugs you about the gym?


2 thoughts on “This One’s for All the L’Adies

  1. I usually make up tons of excuses to go to the gym. I have to make everyone breakfast, errands to run, laundry, dishes, you know, all the usual. Mainly, I just dont want to hassle with getting sweaty and having to redo my hair, that usually does it for me every time. It’s sad…

    • Re-do your hair! I love that! I just don’t do my hair before I go. It doesn’t look good, but since I’m going to look terrible in 30 minutes anyway I don’t care! You’re so gorgeous I bet no one will even notice a little messy hair!

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