Welcome to this blog!  Thank you for bringing me your brain power and well-developed reading skills. I will try not to let your vast mental resources go to waste.

The purpose of this blog is to share with my friends, family, and other loved ones, like Mark Wahlberg, how I cope with being a wife, working mother, and student while stuck in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, Oregon.

I am very new to the blogging world, so this site will get more user-friendlier, cuter, and more majestic as my mad computer skillz become more – well –  user-friendly, cuter, and more majestic. And yes, I plan to develop several very majestic skillz.

Of course, another goal of this blog is to leave you so happy and fulfilled that you will have to quit your job so you can be happy professionally.

look at you! you’re so happy when you read blogs!

But even if this blog depresses you or makes you angry, I will still feel grateful to you for stopping by.

Oh, and people like pictures on blogs, so here’s one more:

this is the basic direction of all my hopes and dreams.

Until next time!



6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Yay Corinne, this is very exciting for me because I think you are one of the funniest people I know. Now others will find that out too! Love you.

  2. I’ll try to keep my comments clean, devoid of all vulgar language, and of course very light-hearted. This BLOG is like sunshine and rainbows rolled into one. My heart is full of happiness, and I’m very excited to read the adventures of a very clever mom to my 2 perfect and adorable grandsons. Love You, Corinne-y.

  3. Hi Corinne! I love this! I’m looking forward to more stories about your small town adventures! Love, Aunt Sherry

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